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Our Hiring Process

One of our Core Values is “Candor and Openness,” because we know that setting clear expectations and having upfront, honest conversations play a huge part in making us a successful organization.
So why not do the same in our recruiting?
If you are taking the time to apply for any of our open job positions, we think it’s only fair that you know what to expect along the way. We also know that applying for your dream job can be a scary thing! Seeing the road ahead will hopefully help to calm those butterflies so that we can get to know the real you.
So relax, take a deep breath, and check out the image below to get a feel for the small steps that could lead to a big leap into a future with Ascension Marketing Group!

Interview Process

"I feel very lucky to have found a company that not only do I feel like everyone is genuinely my friend but that I can develop and make this a career. After I graduated I honestly did not have a direction on what I wanted to do, and this company and taken me under their wing to really teach me" - Employee Glassdoor Review

Ascension Marketing Group, Inc. is growing!

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team.