Ascension Marketing Group Attends Dallas Regional Meeting

Ascension Marketing Group attended last weeks Regional Dallas Meeting. this nationwide conference brought together numerous members of the organization to indulge in conversation, networking, education and the better understanding of the business and its success. Not only were we given advice on how to improve our company, but we were also able to understand how we can progress and achieve the utmost level of accomplishment for ourselves and our teams. The conference was held this year in Dallas, TX and the amenities we were able to experience were endless. This day long conference allowed Ascension Marketing Group, Inc. to be well known amongst other businesses and gave us the opportunity to educate and guide numerous organization wide members to promote their businesses in a similar and prosperous way. The speeches, advice and data that was given will allow us to improve the company and stay innovative amongst our competitors. During this meeting, Mr. Raziel Charles was able to promote Evelyn Forsyth to Market Director. It was a great experience to have the managers and business partners to be a part of.